Four Levels of No Smoke From The Chimneys || Life and Death || Bcis Notes

Four Levels of No Smoke From The Chimneys

Four Levels of No Smoke From The Chimneys:

     1.Literal Comprehension

“No some form the chimneys” is a beautiful poem representing especially about Rana Regime time period written by Siddhicharan Shrestha. This Poem talles here about the life of Nepalese People on Rana Regime. The Composer says that he don’t have time so that he can go with ‘Yamha ‘. So, he request the death ‘not to call him’. He is very busy, even he don’t have enough time to map up the blood from a broken head. He is very for the freedom & equality of all the common Nepalese people. He doesn’t wants to fall in blandishments & he have no time, So he requests her family not to detain his advancing feet. All of the people of his country are fighting by cancelling their foods & struggling for freedom & equality. So,he also wants to serve the country like others are doing That why in this Poem the poet expressed a freedom fighter as the speaker.


The speaker of the poem may be trying to express that freedom is more important than food or fear of the death. Therefore people do not diverted or stop when they once have come out of their house to the sheets. This poem beautifully capture the picture of people’s movement for democracy, againt Ranas. The speaker reminds us of our great martyrs who sacrified their life for the people & nation. We people of this new generation should understand how People fought for democracy & nourish this system, democracy.

3.Critical Thinking

 The poem is very much intersting as it tells about the freedom & democracy but same of the idea in this poem is questionable.

  • Why does the speaker call a particular lady there an abstacle?
  • Did people really quite food at the time of revolution?
  • Why does he confuse lady with death?


By rading this poem, I understand how the neplese people fought against the autocratic rule for the freedom. The death could no discourage them from establishing democracy in the country, other wise, my generation would not have been enjoying the freedom. I have understood very well now martyr’s fought for democracy in Nepal. I will also try to speak for people for people’s right, freedom of speech etc. I won’t keep quiet at the face of injustics.

These are the conceptual notes of Four Levels of No Smoke From The Chimneys
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