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Contents of Dead Man's Pocket

Four Level of Contents of Dead Man’s Pocket (Jack Finney):

      1.Literal Comprehension

Tom Benecke did not go to the cinema with his wife. Because he wanted to prepare a report for his boss to read at the weekend. This report was a path to reach the top in his organization. same time in the distant further. When he opens the door for his wife to go a rush of wind drifted the yellow sheet of paper & slipped out of the window on the ledge of the eleventh story of the building in New York. This sheet was necessary to prepare the report & it contended the material he had connected by spending two months. without thinking seriously, he opened the window forcefully came out on a narrow ledge. To get the paper he moved sideways along the ledge by holding on to the projected bricks. When he bent down to pick up the paper, he saw the whole city below the almost fainted & fall down. After he picked it up he came back to the window unknowingly. The window was closed & he could not open it. He asked for help, but nobody cared. He could not wait for his wife to return. He had risked his life for a sheet of paper. Finally, he broke the window & came in, as he was going to his wife, the paper was drifted again & he laughed at it.


This story might be trying to tell us that ambition is the root of many. Troubles in life. If people were satisfied with what they got in their life, they would be very happy. It may also be interpreted to mean that happy family life is better than the role of life.

     3.Critical Thinking

This story has clearly expressed the near-death experience of a person. But the behavior of Tam is exaggerated.

  • How can a person walk on the ledge of the eleventh story?
  • How sane is he?
  • Does ambition make man so mad that he risks his life for such an unimportant thing?


By reading this story I came to know how dangerous is. Although we may not behave like Tom we ignore many risky moments in life, when we are in danger, we realize our foolishness. But the moment we are out of danger. We forget the risk. This story has cleared brought out human thoughtlessness.

These are the conceptual notes of Four Levels of Contents of Dead Man’s Pocket.
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