Case Study Fall 2016 || Object Oriented Language

Case Study Fall 2016

Case Study Fall 2016

Question- Case Study Fall 2016 –¬†Lincoln College is thinking of building a desktop-based application to keep the record of students of the colleges. You as a software developer have to design the prototype and present a demo of the first phases of the desktop-based application. You are requested to develop an application as per the question given below:

If I were the software developer to design the prototype and present a demo of the first phases of the desktop-based application for Lincoln College. The login form that I would develop is given below with all the codes of java swing that are required to develop the form.

package personal.assignment;

import javax.swing.*;

public class loginForm {
public static void main(String[] args) {
JFrame frame = new JFrame(“Login Form”);
frame.setSize(250, 130);

JPanel panel = new JPanel();

JLabel uname = new JLabel(“Username: “);
uname.setBounds(10, 5, 100,20);

JTextField unameT = new JTextField();
unameT.setBounds(100, 5, 100, 20);

JLabel password = new JLabel(“Password:”);
password.setBounds(10, 25, 100,20);

JTextField passwordT = new JTextField();
passwordT.setBounds(100, 25, 100, 20);

JButton login = new JButton(“Login”);
login.setBounds(70, 55, 80, 20);



Case Study Fall 2016

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