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Mr.Know All

Four Levels of Mr.Know All

1.Literal Comprehension

The writer Mr.Maugham himself was going to Yokohama, Japan from San Francisco, The USA He couldn’t get a separate cabin then he shared a cabin with Man Kelda. The writer didn’t like to share anything with Kelda but serves Maugham a drink. The writer was worried that he had to spend 14 days with Kelda. When Maugham reached in his cabin, Man Kelda welcome him with open arms. But the writer didn’t accept his welcome. The writer started playing games but again plays, politics, etc. with the writer. Kelda was talkative & used to go to each passenger on the ship. He became popular among the people who were on the ship. They share the cabin & table. One American couple was Sitting next to their cabin. The American couples were Mr. & Mrs. Ramsey. While they were eating food, there was a hot discussion about the Japanese limitation of pearl. Mr.Kelda said that he was a jewel dealer. He knows about the quality of the pearl. Kelda saw pearl on Mrs.Ramasy’s neck & Kelda saw pearl on Mrs. Ramsay’s is original; & costs between 15 to 30 thousand dollars. But Mr.Ramsay Said that it was a duplicate & Cost is 18 dollar. Ramsay said that it was bought in New York. The best for one hundred dollars on the pearl of Mrs.Ramsay’s neck & Kelda said that pearl of Mr.Ramsay’s is original & costs between 15 to 30 thousand dollars. But Mr.Ramsay said that it was duplicated & cost 18 dollars. Ramsay said that it was bought in New York. Then they bet for one hundred dollars on the portal of Mrs.Ramsay.Ramsay didn’t know the reality. Then max Kelda informed the writer that pearl was really original so Mr. & Mrs. Ramsay returned his one hundred dollars to him. In this way, he had knowledge of all kinds of things so he was called Mr.Know All.


The story tries to show how white Americans behave Negros. Mari Kelada was a Negro but Maugham didn’t like to share the joy & happiness of his journey with Max Kelada. When kelada welcomes him, Maugham doesn’t care. Similarly, the writer may be trying to tell us & show us the humanity & nature of women. This story may be trying to tell us about the writer’s attitude towards non-white. He also teaches us to apply skepticism even to very close, relatives who are living far from us. Outer cover can never represent the inner reality. Although Mr.Kelda is hated by all, he is proved to be the best example of humanity. He became a fool & lost money & Prestige but he saved the happy married life of Mr. & Mrs. Ramsay. This Story also shows the dual character of women.

3.Critical Thinking

The story is interesting to read. The text shows that one should be valued in terms of interest, not in terms of color. But, the same ideas of the writer are not convincing & questionable.

  1. Did Mr. Kelda know everything? Then why did people hate him?
  2. Is a passenger allowed to carry all kinds of wines with him?
  3. Does anyone dislike the other because of color?
  4. Does anyone give up his money even after winning the bet?
  5. Can we find such Mr.Know all in this world?
  6. Don’t we find a frank & friendly person during a long journey?
  7. Should a husband really suspect the behavior of his wife?


I am very much affected by this story.Before reading this story, I used to make friendship with as many people as I met. I enjoyed talking with as many people as I met. I enjoyed talking with them about what I know. But I didn’t study their view whether they liked my talk or not. I also understood that we can’t judge people by their experience.

These are the conceptual notes of Four Levels of Mr.Know All.
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