Internet Technology

Here, on this page, you can find the brief notes of Internet Technology according to the syllabus of Pokhara University.

You can easily access them by clicking the links below for the notes of Internet Technology.

Internet Technology

1.   Web environment


3. Review of HTML Tags

Structured HTML Tags(formatting, links, images, table, forms, frames, etc.),

Getting Started with HTML5, CSS 3, Responsive Design, and Browser compatibility

4. Introduction to XML and XHTML

5. Client-Side Scripting

6. Server Side Scripting (Basic)

PHP: IntroductionVariablesData TypesStringOperatorsConditional StatementsTypes of LoopsArraysFunctionsFunctionsExercisesRegular ExpressionException Handling

7. Server-Side Advance

Class and Objects, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Session, Database Connectivity, CRUD Operation, working with files, garbage collection, Magic quotes, send receive emails, Introduction to CMS

8. Security Considerations

Principle of Cryptography, Authentication, Encryption/Decryption, Digital Certificates, Digital signature, Secure Socket Layer, VPN

9. Electronic Payment

Electronic Cash, Credit Card Processing, Electronic Check Processing, Gift and Prepaid Certificates, Payer Authentication, Smart Authentication

10. Legal Issues

On-Line Contract Law, Consumer Transactions, Digital Copyright, Taxation

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