Purpose of Database systems || Database Management System

Purpose of Database systems

Purpose of Database systems

The purpose of database systems is to make the database user-friendly and do easy operations. Users can easily insert, update, and delete. Actually, the main purpose is to have more control of the data.

The purpose of database systems is to manage the following insecurities:

  • data redundancy and inconsistency,
  • difficulty in accessing data,
  •  data isolation,
  • atomicity of updates,
  • concurrent access,
  • security problems, and
  • supports multiple views of data.

Avoid data redundancy and inconsistency:

If there are multiple copies of the same data, it just avoids it. It just maintains data in a single repository. Also, the purpose of database systems is to make the database consistent.

Difficulty in accessing data:

A database system can easily manage to access data. Through different queries, it can access data from the database.

Data isolation:

Data are isolated in several fields in the same database.

Atomicity of updates:

In case of power failure, the database might lose data. So, this feature will automatically prevent data loss.

Concurrent access:

Users can have multiple access to the database at the same time.

Security problems:

Database systems will make the restricted access. So, the data will not be vulnerable.

Supports multiple views of data:

It can support multiple views of data to give the required view as their needs. Only database admins can have a complete view of the database. We cannot allow the end-users to have a view of developers.


Purpose of Database systems



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