Internet Technology (Web Programming) || Spring, 2015 || Pokhara Univesity || BCIS

Internet Technology (Web Programming) || Spring, 2015 || Pokhara Univesity || BCIS

Internet Technology (Web Programming), Spring – 2015

This is the question set along with answers Internet Technology (Web Programming)Spring 2015, which was taken by the Pokhara University.

Pokhara University – Internet Technology, Spring 2015


Level:  Bachelor Semester –Spring  Year: 2015
Program:BCIS  Full Marks: 100
Course: Internet Technology (Web Programming)   Pass Marks: 45
     Time:  3hrs.

Section “A”

Very Short Answer Questions

Attempt all the questions.

1. Define protocol.
2. What is the function of XML and XHTHL?
3. What is List? What are different types of list?
4. What is full form of PHP? What is session in PHP?
5. What is digital certificate and digital signature?
6. Explain credit card processing.
7. Write a JavaScript code to initialize an array and store the weekdays in the array.
8. List out the legal issues to be considered in an online contact
9. What is MVC model in PHP?
10. Define copyright and taxation.

Section “B”

Descriptive Answer Questions

Attempt any six questions

11. What are different types of operators used in PHP explain. How exception handling used in PHP.
12. Explain the different types of dialog box used in JavaScript.
Explain the JavaScript form validation with examples.
13. Why security consideration in needed in web. Explain secure socket layer (SSL) and cryptography.
14. a) Describe the server-client architecture.[5]
b) Explain the basic structure of HTML document.[5]
15. a) Explain the differences between the CSS attributes margin and padding.[5]
b) What are the differences between JavaScript and jQuery?[5]
16. a) What do you understand by XML and XSL? Illustrate the usage of DTD with a suitable example.[5]
b) What do you understand by encryption/decryption? Briefly describe about the principle of cryptography.[5]
17. a) What are hidden fields? Explain their role in a consumer transaction with an example code.[5]
b) Write a JavaScript program to validate the following fields.[5]
• Name
• Address
• Password
• Gender (Male of Female)
• Faculty (Science, Management, Engineering, Arts)


18.   Section “C”

Case Analysis

The head of IT department of Pokhara University feels the need to change the current website. The major requirement is that the website should be more attractive and dynamic. They hire you as a website designer/PHP programmer for the purpose. What appropriate framework do you propose them? Write a complete HTML code with server side code of user registration page using PHP to justify your proposal. Your code should contain but should not be limited to the following:
a) Main structure of HTML and appropriate PHP framework
b) Folder structure (for pages, images, style sheets)
c) Different required pages that you think is necessary
d) PHP code to handle the POST request from the registration page.

Note that creative considerations illustrating the usage of the appropriate framework will be highly valued.

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