Pokhara University|| Fall 2015 English|| BBA/BCIS/BHCM

2015 Fall English
This is the question set along with the answers of Fall 2015 English which was taken by the Pokhara University (PU).


Fall 2015 English

Level:  Bachelor Semester –Fall Year: 2015
Full Marks: 100
Programme: BBA/ BCIS/BHCM Course: English II (old) Pass Marks: 45
Time         :  3hrs.


Candidates are required to give their own words as far as practicable.

 The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Attempt all the questions.

1 Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:

By the late 1970s, an unusual health problem was beginning to appear in the United States. Healthy young people, most of them White homosexual males, started to suffer from infections that doctors had rarely seen. In some cases, treatment was not effective and the infections worsened. In other cases, infections were successfully treated but they recurred. In all cases, the patients weakened and ultimately died. Their infections were symptoms of a condition that was unknown at that time. In 1982, the condition came to be known as AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome).

In these early days, the response to AIDS in the United States was slow-for at least three reasons. First, many medical experts disregarded the possibility that it was a completely new disease. Second, problems at the Centres for Disease Control slowed this important organization’s reaction to the situation. Third, the White House did not feel comfortable talking about the two behaviours that seemed to be associated with the disease – illegal drug use and homosexual sex. From 1981 to 1984, in fact, the government prevented its top health official, the surgeon general, from making any public statements response on AIDS.


a)    What did appear in the United States by the late 9070’s?

b)    Who suffered the most from the disease?

c)     What was unusual about it?

d)    What are the reasons for the slow response to AIDS in the United States in the early days?

What did the government prevent its top official from 1981 to 1984?

2 a)    Generate at least two relevant topics for each of the following subjects:

i.          Politics

ii.          Internet

iii.          Divorce

iv.          Recycling

v.          Global warming

b)    Arrange the following information into the APA format of referencing;(Appendix: Using and documenting sources)

Name of book:            Cambridge Advanced English

Name of writer:                    Leo Jones

Name of publisher:               Cambridge University press

Place of publication:             New Delhi

Date of publication:              2009

c)  Using a single extended example, Write a short essay about something you did to improve the environment.













3         i.          How is the Mississippi river like a book?

ii.          According to the writer, in what sense is English a crazy language?

iii.   The persuasive essay “Who killed Benny Paret” has a                        strong thesis. What is it?




4 a)    Write an essay showing the cause and effect of television in Nepalese culture.

b)    Write a comparison and contrast essay about your two teachers or two friends.




5 a)    Use any five of the following words to make sensible sentences so as to clarify their meaning.

i. Impeachment ii. vengeance iii. vagabond iv. affinity  v. counterfeit

vi. Myopia vii. Turgid

b)    Match the words on the left with the words having similar meaning on the right

Progeny                                                      interfere

Intervene       Similar condition states by two things that are compared

Rapport did openly without shame

Analogy                                                      offspring

Blatant                                                        a close understanding of the relationship

c) How is television a plug-In-drug?












6 Write a descriptive essay (including all the elements of description) about a product that you have used. Also recommend this product to others, showing some benefits. 15
1. Write short notes on any two:

a)     Subjective and objective language

b)    Brainstorming

c)    Deductive and inductive argument


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