Four level of Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening || Life and Death || Bcis Notes

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

              Four level of Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

1.Literal Comprehension

The poem composed by Robert Frost presents The scene of the speaker s meaning home at du In his own home sleigh. He stops to enjoy the peace & solitude of the occasion. The sow is telling 904tly the woods are attractive. more is no other human to break the silence – But the horse finds no season tor shopping. It is a growing desk. There is no howe insight & miles stretch. before them. Reflecting on his horse’s impatience the speaker agrees that he should move on to keep the cammi comments he has made & only hon, he can sleep.


the poem ties to reveal the fact & tries to mare people to understand the beauty of nature. It also has to tell us that even bad must fulfill their responsibilities & duties. There are many such beauties of nature which may the hindrances in the way of fulfilling our duties Post must overcome our hindrance & go on with our duties. Likewise in the posting poet gets involved in the pretty beauty of nature for a while but gels into his duties before it’s too late the last two stanzas of the poem reflect the same theme and miles to go before I sleep.

If already defines that he has not forgotten his duties & Responsibilities.

3.Critical thinking
  • Are all-natural beauty so amazing that people time the poet to forgets his duties?
  • How can the poet see & admire the woods covered by the snow in the darkest evening of the year?

Generally, life & death poems by romantic are definitely interesting & beautifully composed. The analogy between life & worldly things is very much lifelike. The poem reminds us that our life is very short but we have to do many things before our death This world of god is very beautiful & we can enjoy became he does nothing wine has left for us. The poem gives a lesson on human life & responsibility like the poet. I am very much conscious about our life duties & death.

These are the conceptual notes of Four level of Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.

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