PIECES Framework || The Context of System Analysis and Design || Bcis Notes

PIECES Framework

PIECES framework is a problem-solving framework, which Uses to frame your investigation of the problems, opportunities, and requirements. In other words, the PIECES framework is a problem-solving framework that is used for the identification of problems within an existing information system. PIECES in the PIECES  is related to the following problems Performance problems.

PIECES Framework || The Context of System Analysis and Design || Bcis Notes

  • Performance analysis
  • Information and data analysis
  • Economic analysis
  • Control and security analysis
  • Efficiency analysis
  • Service analysis

The checklist on the following slide uses Wetherbe’s PIECES framework. The categories of the PIECES framework are equally suited for analyzing both manual and computerized systems and applications.


  • Response time to bid on sporting events is excessive. We lose a lot of possible contracts.
  • Difficult to calculate estimated costs for a bid. If a bid is underestimated, the customer cannot be charged for excessive costs.


  • Retrieval of bidding information takes too long. Approval for bids takes too long.
  • Historical data is hard to gather and organize. The lag time of receiving current costs for our resources.


  • Potential loss: $250,000 annually
  • Approximately $50,000 per year in undercharged costs.

Sequential Development

Sequential models such as Waterfall or V-Model rely on intensive periods of collecting and refining requirements for a product before design and development activity can take place. Products developed using these models are intended to be complete when released to customers. Central to the approach is an assumption that by adhering to the requirements captured at the outset, the product will fulfill the wishes of those customers:

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