System Analysis and Design

UNIT I: The Context of Systems Analysis and Design

UNIT II: Project Management 

UNIT III: Systems Analysis 

UNIT IV: Fact-Finding Techniques For Requirements Discovery

UNIT V: Data Modeling

  • An Introduction to Data Modeling: Entities, Attributes, Relationships;
  • The Process of Logical Data Modeling
  • How to Construct Data Models: Entity Discovery, The Context Data Model, The Key- Based Data Model, Generalized Hierarchies, The Fully Attributed Data Model;
  • Mapping Data Requirements to Locations (CRUD Matrix)

UNIT VI: Process Modeling 

UNIT VII: Object-Oriented Analysis and Modeling 

  • An Introduction to Object-Oriented Analysis
  • System Concepts for Object Modeling
  • Modeling the Functional Description of the System
  • Constructing the Analysis Use-Case Model
  • Modeling the Use-Case Activities (Activity Diagram)
  • Drawing System Sequence Diagrams

UNIT VIII: Feasibility Analysis 

UNIT IX: Systems Design Methods