Modes of Parallel Transmission || Basic I/O Interfacing || Bcis Notes

Modes of Parallel Transmission || Basic I/O Interfacing || Bcis Notes

Modes of Parallel transfer

When data is sent using parallel data transmission, multiple data bits are transmitted over multiple channels at the same time. This means that data can be sent much faster than using serial transmission methods.

Given that multiple bits are sent over multiple channels at the same time, the order in which a bit string is received can depend on various conditions, such as proximity to the data source, user location, and bandwidth availability. Two examples of parallel interfaces can be seen below. In the first parallel interface, the data is sent and received in the correct order. In the second parallel interface, the data is sent in the correct order, but some bits were received faster than others.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Parallel Data Transmission

The main advantages of parallel transmission over serial transmission are:

  • It is easier to program;
  • and data is sent faster.

Although parallel transmission can transfer data faster, it requires more transmission channels than serial transmission. This means that data bits can be out of sync, depending on transfer distance and how fast each bit loads. A simple example of where this can be seen is with a voice-over IP (VOIP) call when distortion or interference is noticeable. It can also be seen when there is skipping or interference on a video stream.

When is parallel transmission used to send data?

Parallel transmission is used when:

  • a large amount of data is being sent;
  • the data being sent is time-sensitive;
  • and the data needs to be sent quickly.

A scenario where parallel transmission is used to send data is video streaming. When a video is streamed to a viewer, bits need to be received quickly to prevent a video pausing or buffering. Video streaming also requires the transmission of large volumes of data. The data being sent is also time-sensitive as slow data streams result in poor viewer experience.

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