Result to be Published of Grade 12

The National Examination Board is to publish the result of Class 12 (SLC) today (Monday). The board has decided to publish the results of all the issues today. The Board of Examination has said that the result of the Secondary Education Passing Examination, Class 12 (SLC) will come by evening.
A board meeting has been convened at 5 pm on Monday evening to publish the results. The accuracy of the results was tested on Sunday in the presence of technicians. It was decided to publish the results today as there were no errors in the test. This year, more than four million students have appeared in Class 12 exams.

Result to be Published of Grade 12

The result can thus be seen
Class 12 results can be found on the website, SMS and IVR service. The results can be seen by visiting of the Ministry of Education, of the National Examination Board and of Nepal Telecom.

Similarly, the result can be obtained by sending an SMS to 1601 on the mobile of Nepal Telecom. According to the instructions obtained by dialling the number 1601 under the service of Nepal Telecom, the results can be obtained according to the National Examination Board.


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