About Us

BCIS NOTES is a Commercial Website that provides different types of information about courses, ideas about coding, notes, and Question Bank as well as notice and information from Pokhara University.

We, eight students, came together as a team to build the website ‘BCIS Notes’  when we found out that there are no sites to collect any notes for Bachelors’ in Computer Information System (BCIS) since it is a newly launched course by Pokhara University. So the site we are building is targeted on the students of BCIS.

Here they will be able to access the course materials according to their semester. We want to provide all the necessary course materials, the notes, past questions, video tutorials of software, e.t.c. The aim is to build a popular hub for BCIS pioneers who need not google any more sites for any type of related information that they need.

BCIS Notes is a sister company of Online Notes Nepal, a renowned e-learning platform committed to providing high-quality educational resources.

At BCIS Notes, we understand the challenges faced by BCIS students in their academic journey. The field of computer information systems is constantly evolving, and it is crucial to have access to well-organized and up-to-date study materials. That’s why we have created BCIS Notes – to empower students with comprehensive and easily accessible resources that cater specifically to their needs.

As a sister company of Online Notes Nepal, BCIS Notes benefits from the expertise and reputation of its parent organization. Online Notes Nepal has been a trusted name in the e-learning landscape, providing top-notch educational resources to students across Nepal. With BCIS Notes, we bring the same dedication and commitment to BCIS students, ensuring that you have the support and resources necessary to excel in your academic and professional endeavors.