Internal Environment || The Nature of Management || Bcis Notes

Internal Environment || The Nature of Management || Bcis Notes

Internal Environment

The internal environment is a component of the business environment, which is composed of various elements present inside the organization, that can affect or can be affected with, the choices, activities and decisions of the organization. An organization’s internal environment is composed of the elements within the organization, including current employees, management, and especially corporate culture, which defines employee behaviour.

  1. Owners- Owners are the investors who have a direct interest in the welfare and prosperity of a business organization. They have the legal right on the property and assets of the business. Depending upon the types of organization and the nature of the business, they are directly or indirectly involved in the management of the business.
  2. Board of directors- Board of directors are the representatives of shareholders who are directly involved in the day-to-day operations of the company. The responsibility of the board of directors is to run the business in the best interest of shareholders and other stakeholders.
  3. Organizational resources- The success and failure of the organization depends upon the effective and efficient utilization of these resources. In business operations all the resources have equal importance, however, human resources play a major role in mobilizing other resources.
  4. Organizational structure- Organizational structure is the foundation of an organization involving job definition, division work, the hierarchy of authority and responsibility and coordination among all the departments and members.
  5. Organizational culture- It is a set of values that helps its members understand what the organization stands for, how it does things and what it considers important. It is a system os shared beliefs held by the organization’s members. In every organization, there are systems of values, symbols, rituals, and practices that have evolved over time.

Therefore, the internal environment is explained above.

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