List of BCIS College in Nepal

List of BCIS College in Nepal

Colleges Offering BCIS

Pokhara University’s 4-year Bachelor of Computer Information Systems (BCIS) program blends information technology and business leadership. This is the integration that best meets the new demands of modern business. The goal of this program attempts to develop the student technical skills and organizational insights in students for analyzing, designing, implementing and managing information systems.

The demand for BCIS graduates is enormous around the world. Many organizations employ competent and qualified professionals to analyze, design, implement, and manage information systems in order to survive in today’s competitive environment. Students are expected to work in intermediate positions such as programmers, system analysts, intelligence analysts, database managers, network administrators, instructors, and instructors after completing the BCIS program.

List of BCIS College in Nepal

1. Medhavi College

Enlightening Life’

Medhavi College was firstly registered in 2066 BS and received its affiliation letter from the Pokhara University in 2070 BS, which is Located in Shankhamul, New Baneshwor. This college offers three Different Courses in Bachelors Degree. It propounds Bachelors in Business Administration(BBA), Bachelors in Computer Information System (BCIS/IT), and Bachelors in Hotel Management(BHM).

Medhavi College is a center for learning that targets to set a new standard in Higher Education. It has dedication and devotion to consolidated learning and bolstering the reliance of the graduates to take on the real world of Business, Information Technology(IT) and Hospitality challenges. Medhavi College illuninates students for global citizenship and responsible leadership taps on their potential talents and delegates graduates to pursue majestic lives and productive careers. This college is committed to Business Management, Hospitality Management and World of Information System with the essence guided by their merits of brilliance, innovation and Entrepreneurship. They also furnish opportunities to the students to explore the variety of intellectual, spiritual and aesthetic traditions

Medhavi aims to provide standard education to each and every student, to mass-produce skilled man power nationwide and create wise world-class citizens and leaders for a pioneering world.

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2. Apex College

Building Human Capital.’

Founded in 2000, located in Devkota Sadak, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu and affiliated with Pokhara University, APEX College combines rigorous academic activities with relevant, focused, competence-based courses to meet the needs of diverse stakeholders in the employment market. It is a modern dynamic educational institution that meets the requirements. A high quality education with a student-centered learning approach, excellent facilities, numerous extracurricular activities, employment services and other academic services is a hallmark of Apex’s philosophy of education at the bachelor level. This college has been successfully providing courses including BBA, BBA-BI, BBA-TT, BCIS and MBA.

Apex College believes in application-oriented knowledge and activity-based learning. Apex’s student-centric learning environment allows students to explore their team-based learning opportunities. These teams support the development of interpersonal skills through interaction and active participation in community activities and community services such as blood donations, dental camps, retirement homes, orphanages and donations to flood victims. Apex’s efforts in this direction have already been successful. Our graduates have excellent placements in major, fast-growing organizations at home and abroad.

Mission at Apex College is to develop principled and insightful leaders who can transform the organizations and societies in which we live through innovative education, research and networking.

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3. Boston International College

Center of Excellence in Management studies.’

Boston International College aims to be a research center for business administration. Boston Intl College is a private institution affiliated with Pokhara University. It was established in 2010 AD and is located in Bharatpur, Chitawan, Hakim Chowk, District 10, Bharatpur City. Recognizing the need for business education in the Chitwan area, Boston offers an undergraduate business program with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBABI) in Bank Insurance. In 2017, Boston International College began offering MBA and BCIS programs.

Boston International College strives to provide practical, progressive, contemporary, imaginative and relevant education in business administration. With our strong academic and semester-long curriculum, graduates have characteristics such as self-confidence, self-confidence, discipline, leadership skills, and social values ​​to address the challenges of private and public organizations as managers and entrepreneurs. Have insatiable enthusiasm for, panacea, and panacea and stakeholders.

The college has committed itself to enhance management leaders and entrepreneurs to make difference nationwide.

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4. Nobel College

‘Nobel the virtue of education and health’

Nobel College, an extension of the Nobel Academy of High School, was founded in 2001 and is located in New Baneshwor, Kathmandu. The university is affiliated with Pokhara University and offers a wide range of courses in management and science and technology. The university is conveniently located in Kathmandu’s Sinamangal and has ample space for extracurricular activities. The university is a well-infrastructured and well-equipped academic complex that has attracted a significant number of students.

The university runs a variety of undergraduate programs in management and science and technology namely BBA, BBA-BI, BCIS,BPH, B.Sc,MLT, B.Sc. Nursing, B.Sc.MM, B.Sc.MB, B.Pharm.

Students and teachers are very enthusiastic about a good academic achievement that is well reflected in college grades, with many students passing college exams in most straight “A” subjects and many. Students have achieved excellent grades, including 4.0 CGPA. In addition to outstanding performance, college graduates could easily secure jobs in banks, insurance companies, financial companies, manufacturing, trading companies, and the education sector. All graduates were hired or studied at universities in Nepal or abroad.

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5. Crimson College of Technology

‘Education for Better Life’

The Crimson College of Technology (CCT) was founded in 2000 by a group of enthusiastic academics with diverse educational backgrounds. It is located in Butwal, Rupandehi, This college includes IT, management and health science experts and engineers. The Crimson Institute of Technology is located in Devinagar, Nepal, Rupendehi and Butwal. The university offers bachelor’s degrees in pharmacies (B. PHARM), BBA, BCA, and BCIS affiliated with Pokhara University (PU).

CCT’s management believes that by integrating IT, management and pharmacy education, it will make up for political losses, save the country from socio-economic despair, and provide specialized education combined with computer software. This College offers 5 Bachelor courses namely BBA, BCIS, BCA, B Pharm and BSCMLT.

CCT is committed to a comprehensive quality assurance culture and has developed a set of policies and procedures to ensure that pharmaceutical education courses and services are of the highest quality. The university is located in the center of the city and is connected to the East-West highway. Butwal is a center of education, trade and transportation.


6. Pokhara College of Management

Learn Go Forth To Serve’

Pokhara College of Management (PCM) was founded in 2002 as a private company affiliated with Pokhara University and is located in Gyan Marg, Nadipur, Pokhara. The strategic capabilities and competitive advantage of the organization. The purpose of PCM is to reward society by providing quality education at an affordable price. Therefore, the  motto is to participate in Learn Go Forth to Serve. This college offers 2 courses for Bachelors degree namely BBA and BCIS.

It takes advantage of high-tech educational facilities, a well-resourced library, state-of-the-art computer labs, well-equipped classrooms, and an environment that facilitates innovative learning at the individual level. In a very short period of time, PCM was established as a model university for business education in Pokhara and western Nepal.

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