Pokhara University || Spring,2014 || English || BBA/BBA-BI/BCIS/BHCM/BBA-TT

Pokhara University || Spring,2014 || English || BBA/BBA-BI/BCIS/BHCM

This is the question set along with answers of English  – Spring, 2014, for the first semester which was taken by Pokhara University.

POKHARA UNIVERSITY – English, Spring 2014

Level: Bachelor                                               Semester: Spring                             Year:2014

Programme: BBA/BBA-BI/BCIS/BHCM/BBA-TT                                             Full Marks: 100

Course: English, Spring 2014                                                                                    Pass Marks: 45

Time: 3 hrs

Section “A”

Attempt all the questions.

  1. Answer the questions:
  2. . Apply the four levels of interacting with text to Chinua Achebe’s “Marriage is a Private Affair.”
  3. Suppose you are Marketing Executive at one of the reputed organizations and you are marketing strategies do you apply? Explain why each strategy is important to make your product successful.


Write an essay on ‘My Perfect Workplace’.

  1. Answer any five of the following:
  2. With reference to the stories Shep’s Hobby” and “Stickeen”, illustrate the ways the animals express their emotions.
  3. Television has a negative influence on Children. Do you agree? Write your answers with suitable examples.
  4. Retell the plot of “The Wretched Stone” in your own words.
  5. Write a Letter to Tom Buchanan, a business tycoon in Sweden, suggesting to him the areas of possible investment in Nepal.
  6. If you are shifting your firm/office to a new location, what will be your criteria? Explain.
  7. Computers changed employment in the twentieth century, so what is changing our work and lives in this century? Discuss.


  1. Give short and pertinent answers to any five questions.
  2. Why does the speaker weep like a child in the poem “Piano”?
  3. Why was Socrates given the poison hemlock?
  4. Do you think that television is a “one-eyed monster”? Give reasons for your answers.
  5. Prepare a short note of your company/ workplace profile.
  6. You failed to make a delivery to your customer within the deadline. Write a short apology message.
  7. Take any two supermarkets of your locality and write what they do to stay in the competition.


  1. Make Sentences from the given prompts using going to.
  2. They/visit/their/customers
  3. i/not/ask/Patrice/to help
  4. You/discuss/the/contract at the meeting?
  5. We/take/Tuesday off.


  1. Ask and offer help for the situations below:
  2. You are not being able to use an office appliance.
  3. Somebody is waiting alone at the Reception.
  4. There is nobody to drop you at home.
  5. You want to be familiar with the staff team as most of them are strangers for you.


  1. Edit the following sentences for the clarity of their meaning.
  2. Barely breathing, they brought her up from the bottom of the pool.
  3. There just isn’t enough time to lose our way.

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