Pokhara University || Spring 2017 || General Psychology || BBA/BBA-BI/BCIS/BHCM/BBA-TT

General Psychology Spring 2017

This is the question set along with answers of General Psychology Spring 2017 for the first semester which was taken by Pokhara University.

POKHARA UNIVERSITY – General Psychology Spring 2017

Level: Bachelor                                            Semester: I                                                                                 Spring Year:2014

Programme: BBA/BBA-BI/BCIS/BHCM/BBA-TT                  Full Marks: 100

Course: General Psychology, Spring 2017                                      Pass Marks: 45

Time: 3 hrs


Section “A”

Very Short Answer Questions

Attempt all the questions.




1. Point out the sub-fields of psychology.
2. What do you understand by emotion?
3. Differentiate between the function of rod cells and cone cells.
4. What is the Literal meaning of prejudice?
5. List out the different theories of learning.
6. What is a retrieval cue in memory?
7. How do you find out the individual I.Q?
8. Define Id, ego, and Superego.
9. Define eustress.
10. Why pitutory glands is known as master glands?

The answer to the above 10 questions

Section “B”

Descriptive Answer Questions

Attempt any six questions




11. Critically explain the historical development of psychology with a philosophical stage to current stage.
12. Explain the central nervous system with structures and functions.
13. Describe social cognition and behaviour and explain how attitude is formed.
14. What do you understand by memory? Describe the Atkinson and shiffein model of memory.
15. Elaborate on the different types of thinking.
16. Describe the Freudian theory of personality.
17. How do you know about operant conditioning learning theory? Explain the importance of this theory in the organization.



Section “C”

Case Analysis

Read the case situation below and answer the questions that follow

Rajdeep Gupta, a middle class. BBA 7th semester student is the survivor of disaster caused by recent flood caused by Koshi and Mahuali River in the eastern part of Nepal. He has lost his father, sister and his house is completely converted into the mud now. He is living in his relative’s house with his mother and small younger brother. They are mourning at his father and sister died at the same time He has to adjust to a new environment.

All of his relatives and friends come and provide support to their family, which irritates Rajdeep because it reminds the black day of his life again and again. He does not feel like meeting anyone in this situation because those people also remind him about his father and a cute younger sister. He has to show normal in front of his mother and younger brother and act normally to support his mom to face this difficult situation but he feels very bad for this.

On the other hand his board exam is coming soon, examination routine is published. He has lots of pressure and stress in his mind. He has been trying to devote all the time in studying even he is not feel like studying. He is the topper of the college, he thought to continue that position to console him and prove to his mom and relatives that he is normal.  Becoming anxious every day, Rajdeep suffer from sleep deprivation these days, he feels severe headache is difficult to bear. He visited a doctor nearby. Doctor has prescribed some medicine for that but the medicine is not doing any change to him. He does not like to sharing his problem with his mother and brother because he feels that is going to hurt them . He is afraid of his own life and feels like the world is worthless, there is no meaning in life. He shares his situation with his best friend Aakash who suggested Rajdeep share his anxiety with a psychologist and follow his guidance to overcome stress.


a)     What are the major psychological consequences of stress Rajdeep might develop? Explain.

b)     If Rajdeep comes to see you, what suggestion would you provide to manage his stress as a psychologist? Elaborate.

c)     People differ in their way to interpret and handle stress, explain this statement, relating to the Rajdeep case.

d)     If you were in a Rajdeep situation what would you have done to manage the situations? Explain.










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