Pokhara University || Fall 2020 || General Psychology || BBA/BBA-BI/BCIS/BHCM/BBA-TT


This is the question set along with answers of General Psychology – Fall 2020, for the first semester which was taken by Pokhara University.

Level: Bachelor Semester: Fall Year: 2020
Program: BBA/BI/BCIS/BHCM/BHM/TT Full Marks:100
Course: General Psychology Pass Marks:45
Time: 3hrs


 Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable.
The figures in the margin indicate full marks.


Section “A”

Very short Answer Question

Attempt all the questions.                                                                                                                                          10×2

1. What is the difference between a case study method and a survey method?
2. Differentiate between sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.
3. What techniques are differentiating classical conditioning Learning and Operant Conditioning Learning?
4. What techniques are effective in reducing prejudice in work setting?
5. Explain the concept of the prototype.
6. Discuss the use of cognitive maps in learning.
7. Give an example of Emotional-focused and problem-focused coping mechanism during stressful situation.
8. How the concept of “subliminal perception” can be useful in business.
9. What are the stages in “creative Thinking”
10. What is meant by ID, Ego, and Super-ego?

The answers to the above 10 questions


Descriptive Answer Questions

Attempt any six-question

11. a) Define Psychology. Explain the different perspectives of psychology.

b) What is the importance of biology in understanding behavior? Explain the endocrine system and its importance.

12. What is social Influence, how prejudice is originated? What are the techniques that can be reduced? Explain.
13. Discuss Pavlov’s classical conditioning of learning. How can it be applied to a real-life situations?
14. a) Explain problem solving steps, Preparation, production and Judgement with appropriate examples.
b) Define IQ. Explain the determinants of the IQ tests.
15. Explain motivation with the help of Expectancy theory, Equity and Goal setting Theory.
16. a) Discuss any one type of projective test used in measuring personality.

b) Define personality and Explain “Freudian theory of Personality”.

17. a) Define social cognition. Explain the process of social cognition.
b) What are the different research methods in Psychology? Compare and contrast case study and survey. Explain the experimental method in brief.


Section “C”

Case Analysis

18.Read the case situation given below and answer the question that follows:

John, a highly intelligent but quite introverted and withdrawn 33yrs old computer analyst, was referred for psychological evaluation by his physician. Who was concerned that Jhon might be depressed and unhappy? John had virtually no contact with other people. He lived alone in his apartment. Worked in a small office by himself and about once a week. On nice days, went to the zoo for his lunch break.

John was a lifelong loner; as a child he had few friend and always preferred solitary over family outing . In high school he had never dated and in college had gone out with a woman only once-and that was with a group of student after in both school and college. In college, he had spent a lot of time with one of the close friend-mostly drinking. However, this friend now lived in another city.

John reported rather matter-of-factly that he had a hard time making friends; he never knew what to say in the conversation. On a number of occasions, he had thought of becoming friends with other people but simply couldn’t think of the right words so “the conversation just died”. He reported that he had given some thought lately to changing his life in an attempt to be more “positive” but it had never seemed worth the trouble. It was easier for him not to make the effect because embarrassed when someone tried to talk with him. He was happiest when he was alone.


a) What are the characteries of introverted person?

b) Explain the consequences of being introverted.

c) Why John conversation just died, before staring?

d) Imagine that one of your friends has such type of personality, what would you do to boost-up his enthusiasm?

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