Pokhara University || Fall ,2016 || Programming Language|| BBA\BCIS

Programming language Fall 2016

This is the question set along with answers of Programming language Fall 2016, which was taken by the Pokhara University.

Pokhara University – Programming Language Fall 2016


Level:  Bachelor Semester –Fall  Year: 2016
Program: BCIS  Full Marks: 100
Course: Programming Language (C )   Pass Marks: 45
     Time:  3hrs.


  Section “A”

Very Short Answer Questions

Attempt all the questions.




1. What is constant? Write the different types of constant.  
2. What is meant by the conditional operator?  
3. Define a global variable and local variable.  
4. What is a function? Write the advantages of function  
5. Define a structure for a book and include its members like book_name, price and publication.  
6. List out the errors of the given program.

Void main()


Int v=10;*p;





7. What does FILE * fp mean?  
8. Differentiate between variable type conversion?  
9. Define identifier and write the rules for naming identifier.  
10. Write syntax for the do-while loop.  

Section “B”

Descriptive Answer Questions

Attempt any six questions.




11. What is the system development life cycle? Explain the phases of SDLC.  
12. What are the algorithm and flowchart? Develop an algorithm and draw a flowchart for finding the greatest number among any four numbers.  
13. Write the use of a pointer. Write a program to read the name of 10 employees. Sort them in ascending order and display using a pointer.  
14. Explain any five string handing function with code example.  
15. Write a program to find the transpose of the m*n matrix.  
16. Differentiate between array and structure. Also, differentiate between

Union and structure with suitable example.

17. Differentiate between break and continues statement with a suitable code example?  



Section “C”

Case Analysis

Suppose, there is 50 employees in Pokhara university. You need software to manage the information related to each employee. The software should have the following facilities:

1.  Add new records to the file

2.  Displaying a list of all records from the file.

3.  Searching the required records from the file.

4.  Exit.


a. Develop software that can manage the information related to each employee.               

b. What other modules do you suggest to be included in the software to manage information more effectively and also to enhance the performance of the organization?                          












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