Organizational Development || Organizational Change and Development || Bcis notes

Organizational Development || Organizational Change and Development || Bcis notes

Organizational Development

Organizational Development (OD) is the process of improving organizational efficiency through planned change. It is a long-run plan to change the behavioral attitude and performance of the organization. Its main motive is to improve the overall operating efficiency of the organization. The OD paradigm values human and organizational growth, collaboration, and participation processes.

Griffin R.W-“Organizational development is the process of planned change and improvement of the organization through application of knowledge of the behavioral science.”

Characteristics of Organizational Development

1.Long term plan:

OD is a planned approach to manage change. It emphasized a long term plan to improve the working efficiency of the organization.


It is the broad-based approach implemented to bring comprehensive change in the overall system of the organization. These changes involve organizational redesign, change in organizational philosophies, Culture, system, and skills, etc. These changes are initiated to adapt the organizational performance based on time.

3.Dynamic process:

It is a dynamic process and amendable based on the requirement of huge capital and time to modify its system and procedures. It is an ongoing and interactive process up to the functioning of the organization.

4.System perspective:

It is an overt and wide system. All the subsystems of an organization are inter-connected and inter-related to each other. Only some change in the subsystem may become worthless if it can not affect the whole system. So, it emphasizes the change in the whole system based on the requirement.

5. Empowered process:

It emphasizes employees to utilize their full potentiality and talent. They have the independence to decide on the work they are responsible for. They can use their idea and knowledge to complete the assigned job.

6.Teamwork: OD emphasizes collaborative and group effort. It recognizes that teamwork would be the strength for the achievement of the goal.

Organizational Development:

OD is a practical and systematical approach for launching and diffusing change in organizations. It is an attempt to improve the overall organizational efficiency. It reflects a broad and comprehensive approach to individual organization relationships.

Characteristics of OD:

  1. Long range effort
  2. Broad-based
  3. Dynamic process
  4. Systems view
  5. Research based
  6. Goal setting and planning

OD values:

The following identifies the underlying values in OD efforts:

  1. Respect for people
  2. Trust and support
  3. Power equalization
  4. Confrontation
  5. Participation

OD objectives and goals:

They are as follows:

  1. Improvement in interpersonal competence
  2. A change in value systems so that human factors and feelings can be considered legitimate
  3. Development of enhanced inter-group and intra-group understanding to minimize tension
  4. Development of an organic system rather than a mechanic system, etc.

Pre requirements of OD:

  1. Top management commitment
  2. Strong and influential managers
  3. Capable external consultants
  4. Successful past experience
  5. Built-in reward system



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