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Leadership Versus Management

Leadership Versus Management

Definition of Leadership

The skill of leading a group of people and inspiring them towards a direction is known as Leadership. It is an interpersonal process that involves influencing a person or a group, so as to ensure achievement of objectives, willingly and enthusiastically.

Definition of Management
The word management is a combination of four terms, i.e. man+age+men+t (technique). In this way, management refers to a technique used by a man for dealing and managing persons (men) of different age groups, to work together for achieving a common objective.

Leadership is a quality of influencing people so that the objectives are attained willingly and enthusiastically. It is not exactly the same as management, as leadership is one of the major elements of management. Management is a discipline of managing things in the best possible manner. It is the art or skill of getting the work done through and with others. It can be found in all the fields, like education, hospitality, sports, offices, etc.  To further comprehend the two concepts, take a read of the given article. Some of the basic distinctions between leadership and management.





Formulation a vision Makes a plan, budget
Long-term focus Short-term focus
Forgers into new territory Maintains existing problems
Motivates Directs
Is idealistic Is realistic
Projects ideas Enforces policies and procedures
Empowers Controller
Tolerates diversity Enforces uniformity
Removes barriers Works with barriers
Manages change Manages details
Sets objectives Controls processes


The major difference between leadership and management are as under:

1. Leadership is the virtue of leading people by encouraging them. Management is a process of managing the activities of the organization.
2. Leadership requires the trust of followers on his leader. Unlike Management, which needs control of the manager over its subordinates.
3. Leadership is a skill of influencing others while management is the quality of the ruling.
4. Leadership demands the foresightedness of the leader, but Management has a short-range vision.
5. In leadership, principles, and guidelines are established, whereas, in the case of management, policies and procedures are implemented.
6. Leadership is Proactive. Conversely, management is reactive in nature.
7. Leadership brings change. On the other hand, Management brings stability.

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