Importance of Staffing || Organizational Structure and Staffing || Bcis notes

Importance of Staffing || Organizational Structure and Staffing || Bcis notes

Importance of Staffing

In today’s word, the survival of the business organization is becoming tougher. Staffing is important because it is the process by which you look for the people who best match the job description of an available position in the company. Being able to hire the right person for the job would mean being able to maximize the potential of that person in performing his/her role in the company.

The importance of staffing are explained below:-

  1. Staffing is a basic function. Human resource are the critical resource of the organization. So, this resource needs to be properly managed. Staffing ensures its proper management. It ensures the right person at the right job and at the right time.
  2. Staffing ensures the recruitment and selection of the right type of people. It attracts and seeks the qualified applicants to fill the vacancies.
  3. Staffing provides planning for the effective utilization of efforts and potentialities of individual and groups.
  4. Development of Human Capital- Another function of staffing is concerned with human capital requirements. Since the management is required to determine in advance the manpower requirements. Therefore, it has also to train and develop the existing personnel for career advancement. This will meet the requirements of the company in the future.
  5. Building Higher Morale– The right type of climate should be created for the workers to contribute to the achievement of the organizational objectives. Therefore, by performing the staffing function effectively and efficiently, the management is able to describe the significance and importance which it attaches to the personnel working in the enterprise.
  6. Efficient Performance of Other Functions-For the efficient performance of other functions of management, staffing is its key. Since, if an organization does not have the competent personnel, then it cannot perform the functions of management like planning, organizing and control functions properly.

Therefore the Importance of Staffing is explained above.

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