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 A Fight Between A Lion and A Crocodile ( H. Rider Haggard )

This is the short description of the jungle story  ” A Fight Between A Lion and A crocodile”  which shows ultimate power also lose sometimes.

1. Literal Comprehension:

It is late evening. The narrator and his friend are about to sleep drowsily on the bank of the river. They hear a different kind of roaring sound and see a lion 15 feet away from them. Leo fires and kills lioness. Fully grown male steps behind her. Suddenly they hear some rush and disturbance of the water. A crocodile cuts him by the leg. The lion pulls it to the bank and claws it’s head, and one of its’s eyes turns. Both of them struggles fiercely. The lion’s body up to the hive is in the crocodile’s jaws. The lion claws the crocodile mouth onto its neck(throat) apart. The lion falls on the crocodile back and dye. After a while crocodile also dye.

2. Interpretation:

This story might be trying to tell us that there are many more wonderful things in the world of nature. Also, it shows all the animals have a relationship in their respective places as well as the environment. Where the lion is the king of the jungle but the crocodile defeats him in the water, which is not a kingdom of the lion.

3. Critical Thinking:

There are many things in this story, which seem unbelievable and many of the questions arise like: What are the lions doing on the bank of the river during night time?. Why should Leo kill the lion when it was not a threat to him at that time? Is crocodile that stong enough to grip the lion ?. How can people feel safe in such a place?

4. Assimilation:

After reading this text I am fully convinced that all animals are equally important in the eco-system. Every animal has its importance in its own place. But if they go to other animals’ places, they will be defeated. Therefore, every living thing can identify its habit, acts & lives accordingly.


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