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BCIS Notes helps you to get hold of a detailed specification to help on each individual topic. We believe in creating a comfort zone in each portion of the materials that we provide. BCIS Notes is totally here to elaborate the information bridge without great effort from you.

The attracting part is that this website is innovated by the students, not the pro. We provide every semester’s notes according to the syllabus of the respective University and Examination Boards. Also, BCIS Notes always focuses on entrepreneurship, coding, notices, etc.

Semester Notes

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First Semester

English I, General Psychology, Introductory Microeconomics, Programming language, Principle of Management

Second Semester

English II, Digital Systems, Introductory Macroeconomics, Object Oriented Programming

Third Semester

Business Statistics, System Analysis and Design, Computer Architecture and Microprocessor, Numerical Methods, Sociology

Fourth Semester

Data Analysis and Modeling, Accounting I, Database Management System, Fundamental of Organizational Behavior, Internet Technology

Fifth Semester

Essential of Finance, Operating System, Data Communication and Network, Mobile Computing, Management of Human Resources

Sixth Semester

Legal Aspect of Business $ Technology, Fundamental of Operations Management, Electronic Commerce, Computer Graphics

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Bcis note is one the most helpful refrence site especially for the IT+ management related students. This site covers each and every course content of all IT subjects. It really helped me alot for my research also.
Riya Maharjan
This site has been like a ray of sunshine for my studies. Since I am a working student I don't always get time to review what we studied but whenever I get time I go through this site and the complete, easy-going, and understandable notes make it easier for me to revise the course contents. And, I get a total idea about the topic as if I have just been taught by a professional.
Zaya Silwal