Pokhara University || Spring,2016 || English || BBA/BBA-BI/BCIS/BHCM/BBA-TT

Pokhara University || Spring,2016 || English || BBA/BBA-BI/BCIS/BHCM

This is the question set along with answers of English – Spring, 2016, for the first semester which was taken by Pokhara University.

POKHARA UNIVERSITY – English, Spring 2016

Level: Bachelor                                           Semester: Spring                                  Year:2016

Programme: BBA/BBA-BI/BCIS/BHCM/BBA-TT                                         Full Marks: 100

Course: English, Spring 2016                                                                               Pass Marks: 45

Time: 3 hrs

Section “A”

Attempt all the questions.
1. Would you argue that education is supremely valuable ? Give reasons. You can base your answers on Richard Wright’s essay and Devkota’s poem.
Apply the four levels of interacting with the text to Moti Nissani’s essay “Why Go to University?”

2. Explain the role of team spirit in the workplace. Should Managers make important decisions on their own, or should they discuss issues with their team before they reach to the decision? Give reasons for your answer.
The business world is becoming highly competitive. What are some of the strategies that corporations can adopt to maintain and strengthen their image?

3. Answer any five of the following questions:
a. Compare and contrast the character of Shep and Stickeen.
b. What is the main argument of the essay “Teaching in the Television Culture?”
c. Summarize the story “The Cabuliwallah” by Rabindranath Tagore in a single paragraph.
d. Prepare a short profile of a company that you know well. Also, mention its products or services.
e. There might many restaurants and hotels in your locality or town. Which one do you prefer the most and why?
f. Define teamwork. What are the advantages of working in a team?

4. Give short and pertinent answers to any five of the given questions:
a. Offer one interpretation of “If Not Higher”.
b. Do you accept Socrates’ belief on the hereafter?
c. How do you characterize the Yanomamo people on the basis of “the Savage Male?”
d. What was kind David’s crime?
e. Make a list of items and/or animals which illiterate person is compared to.
f. How did Cabulliwallah develop a friendship with Mini?

5. Rewrite these sentences correcting the mistake.
a. Are you going to hold a meeting to discussing the IT problem?
b. John is more better than Jessica.
c. There are three options for it. However, Option C is better among three.
d. Please, take the lift to the 15th floor and turn in right.

6. Complete this email with the words from the list.
Timetable, annual conference, busy schedule, tight
Subject: Next week
Dear Julio
Thanks for the reminder about my presentation at next week’s _____. Unfortunately, my _____ now looks very busy with the preparation, and I am worried I wanted to ask if I could give you the report a week late.

7. Prepare a schedule that reflects your company’s everyday tasks.

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