Pokhara University || Fall,2019 || English || BBA/BBA-BI/BCIS/BHCM/BBA-TT

Pokhara University || Fall,2019 || English || BBA/BBA-BI/BCIS/BHCM

This is the question set along with answers of English – Fall, 2019, for the first semester which was taken by Pokhara University.

POKHARA UNIVERSITY – English, Fall 2019

Level: Bachelor                                           Semester: Fall                                  Year:2019

Programme: BBA/BBA-BI/BCIS/BHCM/BBA-TT                                         Full Marks: 100

Course: English, Fall 2019                                                                                     Pass Marks: 45

Time: 3 hrs

Section “A”

Attempt all the questions.
1. Answer these questions:
a. Apply four levels of interacting with the text to Tagore’s Cabuliwallah” or Paudyal’s “The Parrot in the Cage.”
Compare and contrast ancient tales Yudhisthura’s wisdom and King David’ s Crime. Explain specific moral, spiritual and ethical aspects of human life both these ancient tales emphasize.
b. Discuss the role of technology in business with appropriate examples.
Think of a new product/new technology that can make your lives better or a new use for a product. What is it? How does it work? Discuss.

2. Answer the following questions. (Any FIVE)
a. Summarize the main argument of the text “The Illiterate”
b. Why was the Lord displeased with King David? Explain the depth of King David’s crime in the Lord’s eyes.
c. Do you agree Cabuliwallah has been treated as an outsider? Give reasons.
d. Your family plans to open a restaurant. But the location has not been decided. What aspects of a place would you consider while choosing the location has not been decided, What aspects of a place would you consider while choosing the location for the restaurant?
e. One of your friends plans to visit Chitwan next week. Write him an email comparing and contrasting hotels in Sauraha. Also, recommend him to the best hotel for his stay.
f. Explain how you are competitive in your industry. Who are your competitors, locally and globally?

3. Answer FIVE of the following:
a. Why does the speaker of the poem Piano weep at the end?
b. Why Harpagus did not want to kill the newly born baby of Mandane?
c. Make a list of items to which an illiterate person is compared.
d. Why is the parrot unhappy with his present condition?
e. Why do Yanomamo women like to be beaten by their husbands?
f. How does Mini’s father perceive Cabuliwallah’s interest toward Mini on her wedding day?

4. Correct the mistakes.
a. You do work for Terranova?
b. Does Jane works for HSBC? Yes she do.
c. Your company employs 500 people?
d. Nokia don’t works in the automobile industry.

5. Write an apology for each:
a. You’re late for a job interview.
b. You didn’t book a hotel for your boss.
c. A customer didn’t receive a delivery.
d. You didn’t remember your colleague’s birthday.

6. Take out the word that doesn’t match with the nouns.
a. Tight/busy/public schedule
b. Busy/annual/quiet period
c. Public/time/annual holiday
d. Tight/busy deadline

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