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  C Programming

C programming is the high-level language invented by Dennis Ritchie between 1969 and 1973. A c programming language is very easy to learn. Here are some questions in C programs.

List of C Programs to be done in BCIS 1st Semester that runs in the console.

  1. Display messages as outputs.
  2. Simple interest calculation
  3. Area of the circle.
  4. Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit.
  5. Printing odd/even numbers and its sum.
  6. Checking the given number is prime or composite.
  7. Printing prime and composite numbers.
  8. Character conversion from the lower case.
  9. Character conversion from upper case to lower case.
  10. Reading and writing a line of text.
  11. Printing multiplication table.
  12. Averaging student exam scores.
  13. Compound interest calculation.
  14. Syntactic errors.
  15. Execution error (the Real root of a quadratic equation).
  16. Debugging a program.
  17. Calculating total expenses.
  18. Calculating a bonus.
  19. Calculating division of students.
  20. Generating consecutive integer quantities.
  21. Averaging a list of numbers.
  22. Converting several lines of character to uppercase.
  23. A solution of algebraic equations.
  24. Calculating depreciation.
  25. Searching for palindromes.
  26. Largest of three integer quantities.
  27. Calculating factorials.
  28. Printing backward.
  29. Recursive function.
  30. Finding the length of a string.
  31. Finding the cardinal number of vowel letters in a sentence.
  32. Changing the specific letter into other letters.
  33. Program using switch case.
  34. Shorting the given numbers in ascending/descending order.
  35. Finding the maximum numbers among the values of a matrix.
  36. 3*3 matrix multiplication.
  37. The tower of Hanoi.
  38. The average length of several lines of text.
  39. Search for maximum.
  40. Generating Fibonacci numbers.
  41. Recording list of string.
  42. Piglatin generator.
  43. Displaying the day of the years.
  44. Reading a data file.
  45. Creating a file containing customer records.

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